Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get Help Now!

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Do you have an annotated bibliography due? Can't find the articles you need for your research paper? Don't know where to begin your research? Relax! Schedule a Research Appointment with one of our librarians. They will meet with you individually to help you with your research needs, and get you started! Don't struggle with this! Schedule an appointment with a librarian today!

Students have said:

"Well, I have the library to thank for saving my Management paper. I was having trouble finding credible sources for a research paper and the Library was able to sit down with me and discuss what I wanted to write about and how to go about doing it. They also helped me find credible sources and I was able to write an amazing research paper, which earned me an A. Without the Library's help I would have been frustrated and lost."

"I had 3 research papers that I had to find books and articles on each topic and a librarian was able to help me. She found exact books and perfect articles that worked for my topics and she was able to show me tricks to narrow my search!"

Don't delay - set up an appointment now!

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