Friday, July 26, 2013

ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) Collection [trial]

The library is currently running a 1-month trial to a collection of e-books in the humanities called the ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) Collection.  This trial will run through August 2013.

This site allows for simultaneous multi-user access; individual books can be linked from Moodle.   The project includes both in-print and out-of-print books and adds 500 titles a year. It is a collaboration of the American Council of Learned Societies, various constituent member learned societies of the ACLS, and over 100 publishers.

This collection is described as "an online collection of approximately 3,700 books of high quality in the humanities, accessible through institutional and individual subscription. These titles are offered by the ACLS in collaboration with twenty-seven learned societies, over 100 contributing publishers, and the MPublishing Division of the University of Michigan Library. The result is an online, fully searchable collection of high-quality books in the Humanities, recommended and reviewed by scholars. These are works of major importance that remain vital to both scholars and advanced students, and are frequently cited in the literature." (See their about page for the full details or check out their title list.)

Please let us know what you think about this collection, specifically, if you would make use of such a resource were it to be made available to you and your students.

To read more, you can follow their blog or Twitter

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Movie Titles

Clemens Library:

Islamic Art Spots

Alcuin Library:

Clandestine Childhood

Biloxi Blues
Lucy:  Queen of Comedy
Studs Terkel’s:  Working