Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We have access to a television news archive from Vanderbilt University.

TV-NewsSearch: The Database of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive



The Vanderbilt Television News Archive holds more than 950,000 individual network evening news broadcasts, with 400,000 of those available for online streaming. The database includes nightly news programs broadcast by the national television networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) and a daily news program from CNN. Abstracts of each story within a regular news program are fully searchable. Regular programs in the collection include:

  • ABC Evening News: August 5, 1968 - Present
  • CBS Evening News: August 5, 1968 - Present
  • NBC Evening News: August 5, 1968 - Present
  • CNN WorldView: October 2, 1995 - November 3, 2000
  • CNN Wolf Blitzer Reports: February 1, 2001 - December 31, 2001
  • CNN NewsNight: November 5, 2001 - Present
  • ABC Nightline: March 24, 1980 - September 12, 1988 Occasional Coverage
  • ABC Nightline: September 12, 1988 - present: Comprehensive Coverage

For complete up-to-date coverage information, check the list of Available Material at the site.

The Archive's collection also includes news coverage of significant events broadcast outside the scope of the regular evening news programs with a focus on the U.S. presidential politics, including political conventions; election coverage; and Presidential speeches and press conferences. The Special Reports collection also includes coverage of major national and world events and major military conflicts involving the United States. Abstracts are not available for items within the collection of Specials, but catalog records generally include a listing of the events and people mentioned in the program. Some of the major items in the collection of Special Reports include:

  • Each Republican and Democratic political convention since 1968 and corresponding election coverage
  • Each televised State of the Union Address since 1968
  • Most major speeches given by U.S. Presidents since 1968
  • Presidential news conferences
  • Coverage of the American hostage crisis in Iran
  • Coverage of the Persian Gulf War
  • Coverage of Watergate
  • Coverage of the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001
  • Coverage of the War in Afghanistan
  • Coverage of the War in Iraq

Local news programs and news magazine programs like 60 Minutes and 20/20 are not included.

In addition to keyword searching and browsing by date, the advanced searching includes the option to limit by network, date, reporter, and program type.

Videotape copies of programs can be requested for a fee.

Dates covered August 1968 – present

Updating frequency Weekly

Sources News broadcasts, including coverage of significant events broadcast outside the scope of the regular evening news.

Type of coverage Indexing with abstracts describing news content.

Help Search tips are accessible from each search screen that leads to an Advanced Search to browse by date and network. A Help/Comments link opens a form to report problems, request assistance, or make suggestions or comments.



Consumer Behavior 2010

We now have electronic access to Consumer Behavior 2010.
Description information from RKMA:

- Quantification of influences and sources consumers trust related to their

purchasing decisions

- Assessments of how eco-consciousness and ethical behaviors of companies

influence consumer shopping behaviors

- Summaries of current research at several universities providing insight into

why people buy and how their buying decisions are influenced

- Discussions of consumer lifestyles and related spending

- Identification of products currently experiencing growth in the consumer


- How consumer spending is spurred by life events, gift giving, home ownership,

pets, leisure activities, and other factors

Accessing this information requires a password that is located here.

The password will need to be entered on this website, www.rkma.com.


British Literary Manuscripts, 1660-1900

The library has purchased an exciting new collection of works by over 1,000 authors written between 1660-1900.

British Literary Manuscripts Online, 1660-1900


This database contains facsimile images of literary manuscripts, including letters and diaries, drafts of poems, plays, novels, and other literary works, and similar materials.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Be Sustainable @ Your Library (Pt. 4)

Last tip!

Check out library DVD’s instead of renting them.

Did you know the CSB/SJU Libraries has great films like She’s Out of My League, Clash of the Titans, A Single Man, Precious, Shutter Island as well as documentaries, television series and foreign language films! Check them out using the DVD Browser!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clemens Reads: Memoirs

Clemens Reads has many memoirs available to check out. Read stories about a heart surgeon, a mennonite or living in the sixties. Memoirs come in many styles also - check out these graphic novels: Cancer Vixen, Stitches and Funhouse. You can also find on display books on how to write your own memoir. Don't see one that interests you? Ask a librarian for help!


Thanksgiving Break -- Library Hours

Tuesday, November 23 – Wednesday, November 24: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Thursday, November 25 – Saturday, November 27: CLOSED

Sunday, November 28: 6pm – 12midnight

The BAC Music Library will close at 4:00pm Tuesday, November 23 and open for regular academic hours, Monday, November 29 at 9:00am.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Travel Guides

Are you planning to study abroad? Are you traveling internationally for the holidays?

Check out the display at Alcuin Library. All of these books are circulating (can be checked out).

Click on the images to see call number information and availability.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Topics to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

From the Nest magazine, a list of eight topics to avoid at the holiday dinner table, such as politics, bodily ailments, past embarrassing events, and the economy. Suggested conversation topics include recent vacations, funny characters at work, the delicious food, the weather, and "when all else fails: puppies."

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with family and friends!


Be Sustainable @ Your Library (Pt. 3)

Use Consumer Reports to Make Smart Purchases

You have access to Consumer Reports through Academic Search Premier. It's quick and easy to search when thinking of buying a coffee maker, burqas or whatever it is you're considering buying.


Friday, November 19, 2010

New Movie Titles - Nov. 19

Alcuin Library:

Life & Debt
The Kids are Alright
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Taste of Cherry
Syndromes and A Century (Sang Sattawat)
The Dry Land
Damages Season 1 & 2
Keeping Score: Beethoven’s Eroica
Keeping Score: Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring

Clemens Library:

Mahasweta Devi
The Kids Are Alright
Boys Over Flowers vol. 2


Monday, November 15, 2010

Database Trial: Sport Business Research Network

Would you like to know how many millions of dollars are spent on fishing reels each year?

Are you an E-scholar student who is considering selling a product to people who participate in martial arts?

Would you like to compare interest in snowboarding to skiing from 1992-present?

If these questions interest you, please use this database. Click here to access SBRNet.

The trial ends on December 15th. Your feedback is appreciated. Please submit a comment (below) or email comments to aspringer@csbsju.edu.


Did you attend Amer Ahmed's presentation on Islamophobia?

To learn more about Islam and Islamophobia, please visit the book display at Alcuin Library.

Click on the photos to see call number locations.

Nov. 15th- America Recycles Day

Did you know...?

When you recycle 10 cans per week you save enough energy for 30 hours of TV watching per week.

When you recycle 4 Sunday papers per month you save 4 trees per year.

When you recycle 15 plastic bottles per week you save enough fiver to make 156 T-shirts per year.

When you recycle 1 glass bottle you save enough energy to light 100-watt lightbulb for 4 hours, or power a computer for 30 minutes or a TV for 20 minutes.

Need more reasons to recycle? Visit www.americarecyclesday.org to find out more and how to get involved.


Friday, November 12, 2010

New Movie Titles - Nov. 12

Alcuin Library:

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Lovely, Still
The Girl Who Played With Fire
Trick ‘r Treat
The Split Horn
Artist of Resistance
Brother Towns/Pueblos Hermanos
Everyone Else
Who is Harry Nilsson (And why Is Everybody Talking About Him)?
Blue Gold: World Water Wars
Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Minnesota’s Veto History Available Online

The Minnesota Legislative Reference Library has posted the Veto Details of Minnesota Governors dating back
to 1939: http://www.leg.state.mn.us/lrl/Vetoes/vetodetails.asp?searchtype=years&veto_years=all.

It details the Bill, Topic, legislative session and if the veto was overridden or not with link to the exact Bill, Chapter, and Companion, overridden or attempted overridden notes, and Governor’s message with date. The database is expansive and well thought out giving us a look at and access to Bills in a new way. Did you know that Jesse Ventura (governor from 1999-2002) vetoed 33 bills? Find out more!


Monday, November 08, 2010

Book Lovers Event - Tomorrow Night!

If you are interested in stories about bootleg whiskey made in Stearns County during Prohibition, come to Book Lovers Night on Tues., Nov. 9th to hear author Elaine Davis talk about her book “Minnesota 13. “ Davis will show photos and tell stories, not all necessarily in the book, about this interesting time that only recently broke the “code of silence” surrounding it. Alumnae Hall, Haehn Campus Center, community readers’ recommendations at 6:45, followed by author at 7:00. Event is free.

More Information.


Be Sustainable @ Your Library (Pt. 2)

Don't Renew Your Magazine Subscriptions

Read them online using the library's databases. Many are available with PDF images, so they look exactly the same online as they do in print. Ask your librarian how to find magazines and journals in the databases or to see if we have a print copy.


RefWorks Help!

Don't struggle if you have RefWorks questions, Ask a Librarian! All librarians are savvy with RefWorks, and can help you with any problems you may have.

Stop by the reference desk or make an individual research appointment.

Need help verifying your bibliography page is correct? Check out the library's page for Citing Sources. This page also includes information about the Writing Centers. The Writing Center is designed to help you write better papers and become a better writer.

Friday, November 05, 2010

New Movie Titles - Nov. 5

Clemens Library:

Toy Story 3
What’s Race Got To Do With It
Eqbal Ahmad
Love Happens
Anne Hutchinson


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

US Misery Index

"The misery index was initiated by economist Arthur Okun, an adviser to President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960's. It is simply the unemployment rate added to the inflation rate. It is assumed that both a higher rate of unemployment and a worsening of inflation both create economic and social costs for a country. A combination of rising inflation and more people out of work implies a deterioration in economic performance and a rise in the misery index."

US Misery Index


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Naxos Video Library (trial)

The library is running a trial to the Naxos Video Library until the end of the month of November.


This library consists of over 540 full length videos of classical music performances, opera, ballet, and documentaries.


MN Authors Book Display

Clemens Library has on display a selection of Minnesota authors.Don’t see your favorite Minnesota author? Let a librarian know!

Find the books on the shelves here.


Did you vote?

Make sure you take time out of your schedule and vote! Make a difference!

To find out where you should vote go to Poll Place Finder from the Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State.


Monday, November 01, 2010

Be Sustainable @ Your Library (Pt.1)

Ixnay on the Amazonay

Check to see if we have the book before you buy it. Even if we don't have it, we can likely get it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL), a process that is unlikely to take much longer than super save shipping.