Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Break -- Library Hours

Easter Break -- Library Hours

Wednesday, March 31 - Thursday, April 1: 8:00am-4:30pm

Friday, April 2 - Sunday, April 4: CLOSED

Monday, April 5: 8:00am-midnight

The BAC Music Library will close at 4:00pm Wednesday, March 31 and open for regular academic hours, Tuesday, April 6 at 9:00am.


New Movie Titles - Mar. 26

Clemens Library:

Bright Star
Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past
Final Destination
The Stepfather
Holding Back The Years?
How To Live To Be 101
Price To Pay
The Princess & The Frog
Roads, Rails and Urban Change
Astro Boy
Star Trek
Cannonball Run
Private Lives of Pippa Lee
New Moon
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Couples Retreat
Body Language I
Gender & Communication
Mixed Media Masters
Who Does She Think She Is?
Nourish Food & Community
Where the Water Meets The Sky
Let The Right One In
The Blind Side
The Warning (Frontline)
John Paul II
A Dream Of Red Mansions

Alcuin Library:

Aida’s Brothers & Sisters; Black Voices in Opera and Concert
At the Death House Door
Beaumarchais l’insolent
The Blind Side
Mad Men: Season Three
Rescue Me; Season Five, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
We Live in Public
The Men Who Stare at Goats
The African Queen
Boston Legal: Season Four
Boston Legal: Season Five
Facing Ali
Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season
Red Cliff


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Edible Book Festival- TODAY!!

Join us for the
Third Annual Clemens Library
Edible Book Festival!

All CSB/SJU students, faculty, staff and OSB are encouraged to enter the third Annual Clemens Library Edible Book Festival!

Winning entries in the following three categories will be awarded $25 gift certificates at the bookstore:
  • Most Looks Like a Book
  • Most Inspired by a Book
  • Fan Favorite
Voting for Fan Favorite will be between 12:30-3pm on Friday, March 26th at Clemens Library. We will celebrate all entries between 3-4pm with goodies to eat (not the entries!!), and winners will be announced at 3:45pm.

Rules and Criteria for entries:

1. The majority of items used must be edible. Toothpicks or another item may be used to hold something together, but the majority of items must be edible. No glue, please.

2. The entry must be inspired by a book or books in some way. Whether it's the shape of a book, the title, theme or character of a book, it must be inspired in some way by literature or a book.

3. The edible foods used do not need to taste good together. The judges will not taste the entries. The judging is based on creativity and inventive ways of using food to create the edible books. However, bonus points may be given for entries that look delicious as well as being merely edible.

4. We will not be serving the edible books. If you choose to eat your own edible book afterwards, that is fine, but it will not be served by the library. After the winners are announced, all edible books will be on display. The library will provide refreshments, but the food provided will not be from the edible book entries.

5. All entries due in Clemens Library by noon on March 26, 2010.

Submit entries to Sarah Gewirtz at Clemens Library.

This festival is held every year around the world on or near April 1st, so help us join in this world event and make it a hit!

Questions? Contact Sarah Gewirtz at


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

State of News Media 2010

The State of the News Media 2010 is an annual report on the health and status of American journalism. It is produced by the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism. The goal is to take stock of the revolution occurring in how Americans get information and provide a resource for citizens, journalists and researchers to make their own assessments.

It’s divided into the following sections:

+ Overview
+ A Year in the News Interactive
+ Who Owns the News Media
+ Special Reports
+ Newspapers*
+ Online*
+ Network Television*
+ Cable Television*
+ Local Television*
+ Magazines*
+ Audio*
+ Ethnic

The report contains a large bibliography (with linked articles, if available.)

* The sections marked with the asterisk contain glossaries and statistics in chart and table format. Excellent reference value.



Monday, March 22, 2010

Designing Democracy

"1989 was the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This was but one of the most dramatic of a whole series of breakthroughs by political movements across Central and Eastern Europe which brought down the reigning totalitarian regimes. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, a focus for design of all kinds, has placed online Designing Democracy, an excellent international collection of political posters produced by various opposition groups and organisations.

The posters come from several countries including Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (as it was then), Poland and Romania; the period covered is from 1980 (when the trade union Solidarity was born in Poland) to the early 1990s, by which time Western-style elections had been held throughout the region. These changes can now also be seen as precursors to a more general reunion of Europe, not least in the shape of the European Union." (From Adrian Janes,

To search the collection, type in "pro-democracy movement" in the search box.

(Above poster information: Election poster issued by Solidarity Independent Trade Union, 'High Noon 4 June', Tomasz Sarnecki, Poland 1989. More information on the poster here.


Friday, March 19, 2010

New Movie Titles - Mar. 19

New movie titles for Clemens Library:

Where the Wild Things Are
Video Portraits of Survival
The Marriage Counselor
What’s Done In The Dark
Make Way For Tomorrow
The Beaches of Agnes

Alcuin Library:

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
The Timbuktu Documentaries
This Emotional Life
Robin of Sherwood
Capitalism: A Love Story
The End of the Line
Roads, Rails and Urban Change
Let the Right One In
The tin Drum


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

C-SPAN Video Archive

"The archives, at, cover 23 years of history and five presidential administrations [160,000 hours] and are sure to provide new fodder for pundits and politicians alike.

Having free online access to the more than 160,000 hours of C-Span footage is “like being able to Google political history using the ‘I Feel Lucky’ button every time,” said Rachel Maddow, the liberal MSNBC host.

Ed Morrissey, a senior correspondent for the conservative blog Hot Air (, said, 'The geek in me wants to find an excuse to start digging.'"

(New York Times, March 15, 2010)


Friday, March 12, 2010

New Movie Titles - Mar. 15

Alcuin Library's new movies:

Shall We Kiss?
Ong Bak 2
Bushwick Homecomings
In a Year with 13 Moons
The Secrets
The Sensation of Sight
Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire
Up in the Air
Scent of a Woman
Boston Legal: Season Three
The Hurricane
Lost Highway
Examined Life
Withnail and I
Top Gear 10: The Complete Season 10
The Ross McElwee DVD Collection
The Complete Jeeves & Wooster


And the Oscar goes to...

Congratulations to the winners of the Red Carpet Movie Contest - Rachel Ziegler and Aaron Sinner!!

Thanks to everyone that participated!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World War I Postcards Online

The University of North Carolina has drawn from the Bowman Gray Collection of World Wars I and II digitized approximately 2,000 postcards from the First World War. This the first of nearly 6,400 that the library plans to digitize by June 2010.

"World War I was the golden age of postcards, according to Libby Chenault, interim curator of the Rare Book Collection. Postcards were used to depict new military technology such as tanks and airplanes, to record scenes of mass devastation, and to distribute propaganda messages." (College of Research Libraries News, pg. 629, Dec. 2009).

The collection is available at

(Image from the University of North Carolina Bowman Gray Collection.)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Women's History Month

(Palmer, Alfred T.,, photographer. Operating a hand drill at Vultee-Nashville, woman is working on a "Vengeance" dive bomber, Tennessee 1943 Feb.)

March is Women's History Month. The overarching theme is “Writing Women Back into History.” In celebration of their 30th anniversary, the National Women’s History Project will be highlighting themes and honorees from previous years. Each of these past themes recognizes a different aspect of women’s achievements, from ecology to art, and from sports to politics. Check out our book display at Clemens Library!

Sites of interest:

put together a special site devoted to Women's History Month (March). It features articles, background information, images, and more.

Aletta (formerly the IIAV) is the home of the renowned collection, the International Archives for the Women's Movement. Features like photographs and posters, articles, "Mapping the World of Women's InformationService, and websites on women are available to expand knowledge on the position of women and to promote research in this area.

The Library of Congress pay tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society.

The Census Bureau has Fast Facts for Women's History Month available. Did you know that there is 155.8 million females in the United States?


Research on Poverty

The Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) is a center for interdisciplinary research into the causes and consequences of poverty and social inequality in the United States. As one of three Area Poverty Research Centers sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it has a particular interest in poverty and family welfare in the Midwest.

Information includes recent publications, news, events, research and the FAQ answers basic questions like:

  • Who is poor?
  • How many children are poor?
  • How is poverty measured in the United States