Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Peace Studies Book By CSB’s Kathryn Ebben

CSB/SJU Libraries have just received a copy of Kathryn Ebben’s Through Their Eyes: Experiences of Mexican Immigrants in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Ebben, a senior peace studies and Spanish double major from Kaukauna, Wisconsin, wrote the book to foster improved community discussion between Mexican immigrants and non-immigrants following a recent research project in Green Bay.

The book contains background information on Mexico and Mexican immigration in Green Bay; Ebben’s interviews with six Mexican immigrants; a “Conclusions” section; and appendices that include interview questions, sample letters to interviewees, and a bibliography. Interviews and some appendix materials are provided in both Spanish and English.
Copies of the book will be distributed to Green Bay-area nonprofit organizations. Ebben states, “In making this book accessible to the public, I hope to promote understanding between the immigrant and non-immigrant communities, enable these immigrants to have the chance to tell their stories, and work to build a positive peace in the community.”

Ebben’s research was made possible through a grant from Undergraduate Research. For more information on these grants, see http://www1.csbsju.edu/undergraduateresearch/forms/default.htm
Our library copy is currently in processing, but will be available at Clemens Library soon. Please contact Diana Symons (dsymons@csbsju.edu) with any questions.

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