Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stream Ken Burn's Civil War doc - Today!

Did you know that you can stream Ken Burns, "Civil War" through the library's database, American History & Video? It's true! Also showing are newsreels from the early 1940's-1960's; documentaries on jazz, the Alaska Highway, Nixon, Apollo 8, the sixties and much, much more!

American History & Video includes:

Documentaries on historical events, historical people, and key turning points in American history. These documentaries often incorporate contemporaneous footage and photographs; feature interviews with citizens, newsmakers, and other witnesses to history.

, routinely shown before feature films in movie houses, were the only way for citizens to see American and foreign events and news during the pre-television era. With contemporaneous footage and coverage of a wide variety of stories—from war and politics, to fashion and sports, and more—newsreels remain a valuable window on American history, society, and culture.

And much more!

Great source for presentations and research papers!!


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Anonymous said...

This is very exciting news! Thanks for posting the links.