Friday, October 02, 2009

New Movie Titles - Oct. 2

Here they are for this past week:

Alcuin Library:

Second Skin
How I Met Your Mother: The Awesome Season 4
Away We Go
House M.D.: Season Five
Supernatural: The Complete Third Season
Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season

Clemens Library:

The Office Season Four
The Office Season Five
House Season Five
Monsters vs. Aliens
Afghanistan Unveiled
Filth & Wisdom



Anonymous said...

The libraries should get these two movies!

Forever Strong
Product #: 718122432486

Goal! The Dream Begins
Product #: 786936700275

Amanda Phan said...

Can you get Boys Over Flowers (Korean Drama with English Subtitles)?

Anonymous said...

The library should get the Bones TV series on DVD.

News and Events said...

Amanda - we will get the movie "Boys Over Flowers" for the collection.

Anonymous - since this is the second request for this TV series, we will order it for Alcuin Library.


News and Events said...

Sorry I didn't respond earlier but we will purchase "Forever Strong" and "Goal! The Dream Begins" for Alcuin Library.

Amanda Phan said...

About Boys Over Flowers-- what I want is the Korean TV show on DVD, not the Japanese film of the same title.

News and Events said...


We believe we ordered the television show.