Monday, October 27, 2008

New Movie Titles - Oct.24

New Movie Titles available at:

Alcuin Library

Shanghai Noon
The O.C.: The Complete Fourth Season
Free Willy
American Outlaws
Destilando Amor
The Day After Trinity
To the Limit
The Unforeseen
Beyond Hatred
Family Guy Vol. 6
The Ghost TraIN
Atomic Age Classics, vol. 3 A-Bombs, Fallout & Nulear War
Atomic Age Classics, vol.5 “C” is for Communism
The Incredible Hulk
Midnight Express



Dustin B. said...

Could the library please get Dexter season 2? Thank you very much.

News & Events said...

Dustin B.,

We already have it! It is available at Alcuin Library (DVD #4202), and it says it is available! So hurry over to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Could the library get these three movies that I haven't been able to find anywhere?

Silent Light(Stellet Licht-by Carlos Reygadas)

Mary (by Abel Ferrara)

Bothersome Man (Brysomme mannen, Den-by Jens Lien)

Thank you very much.

News & Events said...

We won't be able to get "Silent Light" or "Mary" because they are available in non-USA title format. We will purchase "Bothersome Man" for the collection. Thanks!