Monday, September 15, 2008

Library Hours - Heritage Day

The Alcuin and Clemens Libraries will be closed until 12 noon on Wednesday, September 24th. We encourage people to take the morning to enjoy the Heritage Day events. If you have any questions please call x5611 (Clemens Circulation) or x2122 (Alcuin Circulation).

More information on Heritage Day can be found here and you can also view the week's schedule here.



Anonymous said...

Why was this decision made on such SHORT NOTICE?? Was't this day on the caledar prior to the academic year beginning?

Anonymous said...

yeah--the library staff aren't working hard enough!!

Anonymous said...

This day has been on the academic calendar for quite some time, but the decision to close all campus departments until noon was only communicated recently. We hope that you can enjoy the break from regular classes and take part in some of the events at CSB!

Of course, only our buildings are closed until noon - the resources on our web site will be available as always.

Jim Parsons
CSB/SJU Libraries

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jim these sound like POOR EXCUSES to me!!

Anonymous said...

Party on!!

Forget the library--it should be closed in honor of our extra drinking day!!

Anonymous said...


Are you suggesting Mary Anne and Deitrich are poor communicators??

If so you may be on their black list!!