Friday, April 04, 2008

New Movie Titles - Apri. 4, 2008

Someone sent a question to us yesterday via instant messenger about the television series, "The L Word" asking if we could get season 4. I told this person that we didn't have season 3, and I'd send a note to our media director about ordering season 3 and 4. I was wrong about season 3 - we have it at Alcuin Library (DVD 2993), and we have season 4 on order. Check back here in the following weeks to see when we get it!

Okay, now for the new movie titles for Alcuin Library:

Sweeny Todd the Demon of Barber Street
Dumb and Dumber
In Between Days
Casting About
Ark II: The Complete Ceries

That's it folks for this week!



Anonymous said...

is there any way that the library could get a hold of the newly released movie/bob dylan biopic "i'm not there" ?

News & Events said...

It is on order for both libraries. The release date for it is May 6, 2008 so check back later that week to see if it available for check out!

Anonymous said...

It turns out that you don't have season 5 of Buffy, but you do have the rest... Is there a reason, or just an oversight?

News & Events said...

There is a reason we don't have Buffy Season 5 - someone had borrowed it and melted one of the DVD's. The other problem that we've encountered is people not returning all the DVD's of a television series. These are very expensive to replace.

Buffy Season 5 is on order so hopefully we'll have that copy on the shelf soon for you!