Monday, February 04, 2008

Red Carpet Movie Trivia!

Enter the library's Red Carpet Movie Trivia for a chance to win two movie tickets and a chocolate Oscar statue!

The library has a lot of Oscar-nominated films on DVD, so to highlight them, we've posted some screen shots from some of the films in the library. Like this one:

Think you know where it's from? You better come into the library to find out if you're right!

While you're in the library, enter our Red Carpet Movie Trivia! Just make your predictions as to who will take home this year's Oscars and you could win!

Good luck!


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mike said...

I waiting for these films, now i got the chance to see it. I am very happy that there is library of films which are nominated for the Oscar. Thanks for the people who have put it in the blog, those who are interested to see this movie Red carpet then rush to it. They are providing some good offers.
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