Friday, December 14, 2007

New Movie Titles - Dec. 14, 2007

Need a break from studying? Check out these new movie titles available at Alcuin Library:

The Bourne Ultimatum
December Boys
William Wegman Video Works 1970-1999
Shadow Casting: The Making of A River runs through It
What About Bob?
Paths of Glory
Odds Against Tomorrow
The Nun’s Story
Live-in Maid
Blank Check
Divine Trash
3 Ninjas Trilogy



Anonymous said...

Could you please order "The Rocket"?


News & Events said...

Thanks for the suggestion! It is on order for Alcuin Library. Keep reading the blog to see when it arrives!

Anonymous said...

Please order "Clown in Kabul" if you can. Thanks

News & Events said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the movie, "Clown in Kabul" is not out on DVD in the United States.

Anonymous said...

could you please order the dvd for "Sunshine"

News & Events said...

I believe we own the movie "Sunshine". Actually we may own two movies with that title. The first one is "a compelling epic about several generations of a Hungarian Jewish family caught up in the upheavals and false hopes of a war-swept 20th century" (DVD 164). The other "Sunshine" is about "the sun is dying. It is no longer providing the energy and the light that mankind needs to survive on Earth. The entire global community pools its resources to send a mission into space to deliver a bomb to reignite the part of the sun that is failing. Our story concerns the eight astronauts and scientists who lead this mission. On their journey towards the sun the crew stumble upon the ship that was sent on the same mission seven years previously, the Icarus I, drifting in space. From this point on things start to go very wrong. Its about how the crew react under the enormous pressure of their endeavor to save mankind." (DVD 3819)

If neither of these are what you are looking for, please let us know!