Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Movie Titles - Nov. 20, 2007

Need something to do after you stuffed yourself full of turkey? Why not check out a movie!

Alcuin Library's newest additions:

The Entertainer
MacGyver, Seasons 4 & 5
The Mysteries
Suburban Commando
Look Back in Anger
Hell in the Pacific
Last Dance
The Blue Angel
The Family Man
The Blair Witch Project
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
Live Free or Die Hard
Manufactured Landscapes
Rescue Dawn

Don't see anything you like? Check out our DVD Browser or go for a walk!



Anonymous said...

Please consider this DVD:

Fiat Empire

This award-winning documentary shows how the Federal Reserve
generates inflation, destabilizes the economy, causes wars, and
enriches financial elitists at the expense of the common man. You
will learn that the Fed is not a government agency but a banking
cartel, and you will understand why many Americans view it as a
sophisticated form of organized crime.

The DVD is available in two versions: (1) The 60-minute program alone
and (2) a 2-disk set including 2 hours of additional testimony from
G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Ted Baehr, and Edwin Vieira.

To order the DVD Fiat Empire, go to:


News & Events said...

Thanks for the suggestion. We are considering it for the collection.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would you consider getting coyote ugly and high school musical?

News & Events said...

We will probably get HSM and Coyote Ugly for Clemens Library.

Thanks for the suggestions!