Friday, October 05, 2007

New Movie Titles - Oct. 5, 2007

Here are the new movie titles for Alcuin Library:

Entourage, Season Three, Part 2
Day Night Day Night
Take the Lead
Screen Door Jesus
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Air Guitar Nation

For Clemens Library:

5 Girls



Anonymous said...

How about Disney's Hercules? I don't think you have it, and if you do it is not showing up in your system.

News & Events said...

We’ll get it for the collection at CSB…thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Could you please get this DVD? I know you have it on VHS but the DVD would be nice.

The Refusal - A documentary about the life and witness of Franz J├Ągerst├Ątter, who was killed August 9, 1943, by the German military for refusing to enlist.

If you or your parish, school, religion education class, peace and justice group, priest, minister, or bishop would like a DVD of THE REFUSAL, it is yours for FREE through The Center for Christian Nonviolence (attn. John
Carmody), 167 Fairhill Drive, Wilmington, DE 19808 or by calling
302-235-2925. If you can send $5 to cover the cost of the padded
envelope, the DVD disc, its case and the mailing charge, it would be appreciated — but this in no way is a condition for receiving THE REFUSAL.

News & Events said...

We'll get it for the collection at SJU. Thanks for the suggestion!