Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Can You Trust Wikipedia?

In this October 2005 article, subject experts were asked for opinions about sections of the popular online, open access encyclopedia Wikipedia, in the wake of "the founder of the online encyclopedia ... admitt[ing] some of its entries are 'a horrific embarrassment.'" Includes ratings and comments on specific entries. From the Guardian Unlimited, the online companion to the British newspaper The Guardian. (Copyright © 2005, Librarians' Internet Index)



Anonymous said...

Hey this is Kevin Koenig, I just didn't want to take the time to create an account yet. I use Wikipedia a lot (at least twice a day), and I have not found any gross innaccuracies when I have checked out other sources and have checked out the web-page after knowing a thing or two about the material. I think it's pretty legit. If you "wikipedia" Wikipedia, you will find out that there is no formal editorial group, but the whole world acts as an editorial board to ensure that inaccuracies don't last long. YEAH Communism!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Kevin Koenig again. I was reading the New Scientist magazine in which I found article which said the following concerning Wikipedia: "Last month, Nature published an investigation into Wikipedia's science entries (Vol 438, p 900), and concluded that they were about as accurate as those in the Encyclopaedia Bitannica.." -New Scientist Jan 7-13, 2006, p 42 in an article entitled "Sock Puppets".