Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Guide to British Pub Etiquette

For those CSB/SJU students who are representing the campus community when you go overseas, please read the A Guide to British Pub Etiquette.

This downloadable book contains information on how to choose your pub, pub talk, games that pub goers play as well as how to correctly "attract the attention of the bar staff without making any noise or resorting to the vulgarity of too-obvious gesticulation".

As stated in this handout, "The pub is a central part of British life and culture". So, go there, enjoy meeting some new people, have a few drinks but remember you are representing the CSB/SJU community- so be smart!



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Anonymous said...

As a proud CSB mom, I was pleased to read the pub etiquette preface. I agree that the pub is the crucible of Irish culture AND that students should involve themselves in pub life without acting like yankee louts. Thanks for the sensitivity! PS- Hi, Beezie! See you in 3 weeks!!!!