Thursday, January 20, 2005

LibData: open source software driving new library web pages

The librarians at Clemens and Alcuin have been busy learning how to use a new system to organize resources and create web pages based upon those resources. Using software developed at the University of Minnesota called LibData, which is built upon Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, we're sharing a server with St. Cloud State University which offers services that we think will enhance our service delivery.

So far, we've had several web pages created using LibData:

The nice thing about this software is that it allows us to rapidly deploy courses for particular classes, or for particular topics, re-using the existing pool of resources. If you've had a chance to use any of these pages, please let us know what you think about them.



Matt said...

LAMP rocks. I'm curious about this software. Too bad CSBSJU doesn't use more LAMP open source stuff on their own servers. They go from IIS/FrontPage to Atomz. Improvement, yes. Costly however.

PHP/MySQL rocks.

CSBSJULibrary said...

Glad to hear you like LAMP. You can find out more about LibData at SourceForge, the ultimate open source repository.

We've been adding LAMP books to the shelves in Alcuin Library, too, BTW.


Matt said...

If any bennnies are into web programming, let me know :-D

BTW the school unix system supports this stuff. I've run a bunch of programs on it, they give out databases and will do whatever they can to get your stuff running.