Monday, January 24, 2005

Are you Internet Savvy?

A report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project says that "Internet searchers are confident, satisfied and trusting – but they are also unaware and na├»ve."

Internet users (44%) tend to settle quickly on a single search engine, rather than comparing results with other search systems. "But these same satisfied internet users are generally unsophisticated about why and how they use search engines. They are also strikingly unaware of how search engines operate and how they present their results."

To read more go to: Online Activities & Pursuits.

Yet another reason librarians are sexy: they help you decipher between the good, bad and ugly on the Internet!


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Matt said...

Maybe everyone should google on over to KCMP, which launched today...

So far it's pretty good. You'll need Winamp for the aacPlus stream, but it's rawkin qual.

My former (but non-local) radio station was KEXP Seattle, . Happy listening.